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Holidays in Phuket says hello and welcomes you to our window of Phuket information, News, weather Phuket beaches including the infamous Patong beach and even shows you a map so you can see hwere everything is, welcome to Phuket, Thailand.

What time will you arrive? Which Phuket Hotels have you looked at? Where are you staying? How will you get here? How will you get around? What to anticipate?

Up to the minute latest Phuket information on local radio with links not only to radio to radio but local news papers, Phuket Gazette and Phuket post and on line news Phuket Gazette it’s all now and free of charge to view.

Widespread unbiased information about hotels, where to stay, what to do, budget accommodation and not forgetting 5 star luxury, our pages contain everything the discerning traveler needs.

Stay Safe on your
holidays in Phuket.

Particularly in the summer monsoon season, there are strong currents on many of the beaches and drownings are a depressingly common occurrence; four tourists died during a single 3-day stretch in June 2009. Heed the warning flags on popular beaches and play it safe if off the beaten track.

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Phuket Hotels should have deatails of the local sea conditions, ask at reception.

Crime as of late has definitely increased in the Phuket area among Farangs (tourists) and you should keep this is mind and be vigilant of anyone who wants to befriend you or trick you into gambling (which is illegal) and anything else you consider out of the ordinary. Katoeys (Ladyboys) are notorious for pick pocketing as you walk around the tourist areas at night. Also muggings do take place on regular occurrences. Avoid walking down unlit sois; stick to the main roads. If something looks/sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Patong Beach is the busiest area on the whole of the Island and probably one of the safest given the amount of visitors that arrive each year. Check or Phuket Map for this and other Phuket Beaches.

Tourist police can be contacted locally using - 1155 - They have a good basic understanding of English, so if in trouble these people should be contacted. Thai police speak hardly any English and normally take the side of the locals even if it is their fault. Always insist on Tourist Police if you have any run-in with the Thai Police.

Phuket Weather and Climate

Phuket weather

Phuket weather has a moist, tropical climate with three seasons - warm, rainy, and hot. Weather here is warm all year round but the most popular time to travel is from November through March due to cool NE monsoon season with the average temperature of 70F to 90F (25C to 31C). This period also the best time for scuba diving and water activities. The rainy season starts from July through October, with the plenty of showers usually in October.

Even at this time, heavy showers is normally disrupted by moments or days of sunshine. Hottest periods, dry weather occurs between March and April with the temperature of 79F to 98F (28C to 35C). Thai new year schedule on 13 of April as you will be sprinkled by Thais and tourists, No Choice! In brief, Phuket is an island for all seasons, always offers something to the visitor on each period of year.

Phuket Beaches are in the most very safe, check the weather conditions at your hotels, the weather can and does change very quickly at certain times of the year, with Phuket becoming more safety aware ask at your hotels for the latest information on the weather, beach conditions etc etc.

Eating, Dining and Drinking.

Phuket Information
Phuket Information

Phuket Hotels and Phuket Beaches have an abundance of great eatting and dining experiences.

Food in Phuket is surprisingly cosmopolitan, especially in Patong Beach, as many foreigners have set up shop to cater to their fellow travellers. All the usual Thai favorites are of course still available, with a particular emphasis on seafood. See the individual town articles for detailed listings.

Phuket has its own style of preparation and cooking. Some of interesting local dishes include:

Fried or Boiled Noodle Dishes usually with pork or chicken, are available at many noodle shops in the town such as Mi Ton Pho, Mi Sapam, Mi Ao Ke, Mi Hun Pa Chang, and etc.

Khanom Jin a version of noodles taken at breakfast, usually served with a spicy curry sauce and fresh vegetables.

Nam Phrik Kung Siap is a mixture of dried chili and smoked shrimps eaten with various fresh vegetables.

Cashew nuts and pineapples are grown in Phuket and available all year round. The nuts are available dried, fried or coated. Phuket pineapples are some of the most delectable, sweet and firm.

Shopping Paradiseholidays in phuket

Phuket Shopping. In this most important tourism industry of Thailand, Phuket offers a high-quality shopping opportunities to satisfy fanatical shopaholics. From pavement stalls to glitzy department stores, from junk jewellery to traditional handicrafts, textiles, ceramics and antiques it is time to start bargaining. By and large, shopping in Phuket is trouble-free and fun. The famous shopping spots are found in Patong's night bazaar, Phuket town and major department store around Phuket. In case of Taxi or friendly strangers who offer to take you shopping, a commission will be paid to them by outlets, and of course is added to the money you spend.

There are two giant shopping malls in Phuket: Central Festival, at the northwest edge of Phuket Town, and Jungceylon, in Patong.

Night Life and after dark.

holidays in phuket

Phuket NightLife. For those who want a night for more stimulation at the end of the day, the nightlife in Phuket is an vibrant atmosphere of the world experience that will surely enjoy you with the widest variety of bars and nightclubs. Of course, the most notorious nightlife area is Patong as all venue of bars, snazzy clubs, live music, go-go bars and stunning cabaret shows located.

Other foreign flavourites are Kata, Karon, Surin, Kamala, Rawai, Nai Harn and Phuket town.

We hope you enjoy your visit and take the time to look around our site.

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