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Why Phuket? Well why not!!!phuket vegetable festival

Phuket and it’s surrounding Island’s has probably everything the International traveler, holiday maker or backpacker searching for the memorable holidays in Phuket may possibly ever want including the incredable phuket weather.

Holidays to Phuket is full of Phuket information, news and Phuket accommodation ideas, along with latest Phuket weather and information on what to do.

No worries whatever your budget or hotel accommodation requirements Phuket Holidays and Holidays in Phuket has it all, luxury 5 star accommodation,  secluded and exclusive tropical resorts and hotels and all categories of accommodation down to ‘budget’ hotels Phuket style guest houses and not forgetting the backpacker style beach huts dotted all over the Islands around Phuket Beaches.

Whether your travelling as a household, in a group or independently Phuket Thailand and the “Land of Smiles” will welcome you and ensure your vacation is everything you anticipate.

Please take the time to browse through our information and see for yourself all the activities offered, a water sport destination paradise with all the charms and mystery surrounding Asian and in particular Thai Culture. Find out what is on in Phuket TODAY

So Where should we stay?

Hotels in Phuket are excellent value so the first thing to think about when considering a holiday to Phuket for a short or longer stay is where you are going to base yourself. Patong, Kata, Karon, or in the North at Kamala, Surin and still further North Laguna or check out the South at Rawai or Nai Harn?

Phuket Beach

Nightlife may play a major part in your Phuket Hotels selections and your would probably opt for the busy and sometime hectic Patong. However whilst many Phuket Hotels are based around Patong  because "Patong" is "Patong" a lot of tourists on Holidays in Phuket start to hate it, not just Patong but Phuket, look outside it's gorgeous.

Phuket accommodation is available everywhere so wherever you base your self you will find excellent value, you are going to find some of the most gorgeous sandy beaches in the World, Diving and Snorkelling, boat hire and other water sports that are second to non, and if you’re a Golfer, there are excellent golf facilities just waiting for you and your friends while on your Holiday in Phuket.

Take the time when on holiday/vacation to LOOK around the Phuket Island and it’s Islands it really is a tropical paradise. Visit some of the temples, Phuket Town it's now called a City, (pity about that) it’s a fantastic Town and great fun to wonder around, with some awesome gems of cultural shops and great little restaurants.

Health and Wellness.

thai food

Now for goodness sake check out the Spa’s and Jacuzzi’s some of them with fabulous bubble and fountain features take some pleasure in a stimulating dip or merely doze in the sun. Pure individual luxury and at a price that won’t break the bank most Spa’s provide realistic prices and an entertaining menu of massages and health treatments to revitalize body and bring you back to harmony.

Should you be thinking about Phuket as Medical Tourist, there is first class medical services in a number of specialist Hospitals and clinics.

Do you know people fly here to see the dentist, have a Phuket Holiday and fly home and usually save money.

Holidays in Phuket activities.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, SNUBA, yachting, jet-skiing and parasailing are the on the whole popular activities on the island. Nearly all dive sites are off nearby islands, but distances are reasonably short and there are dozens of dive shops and boats to cater to your needs, mostly based near Chalong Pier. In addition there are excellent snorkeling locations located off several of the most fashionable beaches. Seek native information regarding riptides, currents, and safe snorkeling areas.

Sailing and Yachting

Phuket has grow to be the sailing and yachting center of Thailand and adjacent countries. It's home of the Phuket Race Week, Kings Cup Regatta, four modern marinas and several well sheltered anchorages which are crowded with yachts. The marinas are all located at the eastern side of the island which makes them an ideal first point to explore the natural wonders of the Phang Nga Bay. An whole fleet of traditional junk rigged boats is located present, offering day trips. But as well real sailing yachts are on offer for this. Phuket has sailing yachts of next to every size and for all budgets on offer to explore the surrounding beautiful islands on a yacht charter. Sailing Thailand Island Cruises operates a wide array of sailing catamarans from budget to luxury, most of them located in Chalong Bay. Small sailing craft like Hobie Cats and Lasers are accessible at most of the holidaymaker hot spots on the west side, e.G. Patong and Kata.

Scuba Diving

Phuket Island has some decent dive sites and the principal diving center in Thailand if not the whole of Asia. The reefs around the area are in a healthy condition with both solid and colorfully soft corals. Here is also an abundance of marine life. Most of the dive locations are fit for all levels of divers but there are also a few that are quite deep.

The largely well-known dive site in the Phuket area is Racha Yai with its sloping rocky reefs and its plentitude of solid coral forests. There is also Ter Bay where there is an exciting wreck in the depths of 25-35 meters. The area south Racha Yai, Racha Noi, is a haven for experienced divers as the depths are greater and the currents stronger. The overall topography is strikingly diverse from Racha Yai with massive granite boulders. The diving in Racha Noi compared to Racha Yai is definitely extra challenging but the rewards are far greater.

Just off Phuket, is the limestone island of Koh Doc Mai that soars vertically from the sea-bed. It is home to a diversity of fish and offers the opportunity to view leopard sharks, moray eels, octopus and turtles. Further afield, most particularly around the enduringly fashionable Phi Phi Islands in neighbouring Krabi province, some 2 hours east of Phuket, and the Similan Islands, in Phang-nga province, some 110 kilometres northwest of Phuket, and the Raya Islands, 1-3 hours due south of Phuket, depending on the type of boat. Diving in Phuket's warm clear blue waters is superlative from mid-October to May, when the calm seas and rain free days make Phuket diving a truly unique experience.


This can be enjoyed in secluded bays all around Phuket. It is particularly enjoyable at effortlessly accessible reefs at Patong, Karon and Kata beaches. Fins, mask and snorkel can be rented on a daily basis from shops all over the island. Full and half day trips are on hand to the islands surrounding Phuket. Most popular are Coral Island, Racha Yai (Raya Island), Khai Islands, and Phi Phi Islands. There are many tours available at very cheap prices and the speedboats will be filled with up to 65 people. Investigate your options before signing up for any tour.


Snuba diving is the safest and easiest way to try diving on holiday in Phuket. Popular in Hawaii, the Carribean, Mexico, and Japan, Snuba gives an introduction into the world of diving. No certification required, children 8+, just like scuba diving except easier. SNUBA trips go to most Phuket dive sites. No heavy equipment to wear, no long classes, maximum depth of 7 meters, professional dive guides accompany each group. SNUBA is available only through licensed and insured SNUBA Recreational Centers.


This can be enjoyed right through the year, and is mostly safe. However, during the summer season squals this can be very risky. Look for posted signs and flags indicating conditions for safe swimming; if the red flag is flying, do not go swimming in the ocean!


Boards may be rented by the hour, half day, full day, or week at most major beaches. Tuition is available free.


Daily tours are available, making early morning departures and late afternoon returns, mostly to lesser islands to fish for Red Snappers, Rainbow Runners and other game fish.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Sea Canoe and Kayak. Limestone, unspoiled caves, lagoons, mangroves and local animal, canoeing and kayaking is one of the most popular activities while taking trips in Phuket. We bring you to the beautiful Phang Nga Bay, one of the world's most picturesque and spectacular landscapes. Paddle past mangrove swamps and cliff-lined lagoons that thrust up from the ocean, or tuck into hidden lagoons when tide just right. You can either choose the original sea canoe or canoeing visiting James Bond Island.


You can go surfing in Phuket on most of the Western facing beaches from April to September.

Elephant riding

This is a pleasant way to support the remaining domesticated elephants of Thailand and their mahout, is fairly cheap, and can be an interesting original experience. The elephants are well trained, and you can tip the mahout by giving the money to the elephant who will offer it to the mahout with its trunk.

Phuket Golf Course

The golf courses of Phuket are of international standard. Each one has its own particular challenges and scenic splendour that only Phuket can offer. Discount green fee are available by booking through Phuket golf booking agencies. Karon Beach also has a minigolf course.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing martial arts lovers, a visit to the live Thai Boxing competition is a must. Don't anticipate the blood bath as fights are aimed at visitors, but you always anticipate the good match for real spectacle. If you are enthusiastic to learn Thai Boxing, there are several gymnasiums or training camps around the island.

Mountain Biking

It’s easier than it looks. Most any person can enjoy themselves on a mountain bike, which has gearing sufficient to take the mightiest incline.


Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Park offers the best trekking in Phuket with a well preserved natural environment. May through October is the best time for jungle trekking, when the forest is full of blossoms. The park has a marked hiking route for visitors to follow.

Other sports

Other sports and games such as go-karting, bungy jump and paintball are available at Patong.

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Phuket has evolved into a major center for spas and wellness in recent years. Several world-class facilities have been built around the island, and all of the island’s top resorts are scurrying to either expand or develop their own in-house spa services. Many offer a blend of Eastern and Western, classy to modern techniques in a tranquil environment, often at lower prices than spas with similar standards of service and luxury in the West.

You can receive a Thai traditional massage costing as little as 250-300 baht, or indulge in a pampering spa treatment program for 7,000 baht or more. There is something here to suite all tastes and budgets. The more basic facilities may be little more than a shop house with a row of chairs or daybeds for giving massages and facial treatments, and there are numerous other places all the way up to a full-service spa such as spas in 5-star hotels/resorts, where a sensational range of treatments are provided in an elegant setting.

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Cultural Shows and Entertainment

Here is breif outline of some of the Cultural Shows around the Island

Phuket Fantasea

The very biggest of all Phuket's extravaganzas, Fantasea brings Hollywood-sized, Las Vegas-style entertainment to the island. Remarkable acrobatics, dazzling light work, stunning backdrop design and a host of animal action blend in a song and dance spectacular that brings to life tales of history and mythology that will leave visitors in no doubt that Phuket was at least as, if not more, exciting way back when.

Palace of the Elephants

Palace of the Elephants is a modern theater with traditional acoustics. The theater has sitting room for 3,000 persons. It is a re-enactment of a Sukhothai-era stone palace, with fascinating elephant staturenovationan admire a fascinations show which mixes both culture and illusion.

“Fantasy of a Kingdom” Culture + Illusion

Created by international experts and neighborhood professionals, the ultimate in Las Vegas-style theatrical productions, this theater puts on a fascinating display combining culture and illusion. The nine themes are: Thai culture, magical illusions, 4-dimensional effects, aerial performance, acrobatics, enclosed pyrotechnics, special sound effects, elephant performance and stunts. The show is from 9pm til 10:15pm and reservation is recommended.

Festival Village

Home to the Kamala people, this village is a haven for shoppers. Things on sale includes the likes of: silk, leather, handicrafts, ceramics, jewelry, souvenirs, unusual items about elephants and Siamese twins etc.. Shoppers can also admire a demonstration of traditional and crafts and enjoy cultural parades, pageants, street shows and elephant rides. Park Operating Hours: 17:30 p.m. – 23:30 p.m.

Simon Cabaret

There's not a diva in the West who can compare, and many a catwalk type has turned green with envy at the sight of the lady-boy performers of Simon Cabaret. This hugely well-liked holidaymaker attraction, on the hill just outside Patong, has been wowing audiences for years with its exotic, hilarious and transvestite cabaret. With sets and choreography that would do Broadway justice, and gowns dripping with diamante, the boys who are girls stiletto-strut their stuff to full houses each night at 7.30 p.M. And 9.30 p.M.

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Phuket Fantasea
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Phuket Simon Cabaret
Holiday in Phuket dot Com is here to independently put on view to show you what is on offer Today in Phuket, from regional up to the minute Phuket weather, where to stay, what to expect with details of the major destinations, including, Kata, Patong, Karon, Surin, Cape Panwa, Bang Tao, Chalong, Nai harn and of course not forgetting Phuket Town to name just a few and did you notice, we haven't tried to sell you anything, take a look around our website and look through our window on Phuket.

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